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Day 3: Chest is finished, the hidden machineguns and unusual cockpit were great surprises, i mean, on the 144 wing zero the machineguns were just part of the chest mold so you had this odd blue guns under white parts that you had to remove entirelly just to expose them making the detail sorta useless XP im happy with this tho lol

Dat cockpit though

what mobile suit is that?

Wing zero ew ver ka I think

Zero EW Ver.Ka or just Wing EW Ver.Ka?

its Wing EW Ver.KA , personally i dont like the Zero EW, the angel wings and too much blue is a downgrade from regular Zero in my opinion

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Some late night doodling, my take on Cyclops, Jean/Dark Phoenix (in this case i genderswaped them lol)  and my take on wolverine for funsies XP

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Day 2: Started building the outer shell of the chest. bit of the primary gundam colors, i love it~ =w=

Also i find interesting the cockpit of the wing ka being located so close to the neck, compared to the deathschythe or heavyarms cockpits being located in the bottom part of the chest o.o i think its cooler this way for some reason lol

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