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theamazingsallyhogan asked: Since you love Samus' high heels so much, will you be doing anything athletic while wearing a pair of high heels yourself?

Wellp im not saying they are not impractical for walking and stuff, it IS silly, yes. However i feel its an improvement over her other m design by weaponizing it.

Yes if she didnt have heels it would look even better yes, but seeing as they took a stupid concept and took it to extreme levels (adding fire to it for heck sake) i think it was a very clever idea o.o so im totally ok with it.

And to answer your question no i woudnt do something athletic in high heels XP unles i was some kinda cyborg ninja >w> then it works like a charm XP

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As for reference on her previous suits….

Brawl suit 3/10 woudnt hire. she probly got breathing issues by how tight that thing is on her chest!

Other M suit 5/10 woudnt hire. She can breath but i bet its still a pain to walk on those. now if only they had a practical purpose….

New Smash Bros suit 11/10 would hire to hunt master chief or something, LOOK AT THEM FABULOUS KICKS OF DOOM!

I rest my case XP