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feeling rather sick/rather sleepy right now, cant focus on anything and my eyes keep trying to close plus i feel a bit of nauea, hope its nothin serious..

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Eh i was bored and thinking “why some peopel think when the screen fades to black and the game says you spent a “good time togheter” it always leads to sex?”

Cmon playing games as a couple sounds way cuter of a thing to do :P

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a haiku for fictional ladies:

sorry your story

was left in such clumsy hands

i will avenge you

a second haiku for fictional ladies:

I am warning you

No matter how curious

Don’t Google yourself

haikus are hard

i cant think of something


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Day 3: So i finished the upper body, feet, hips and the small swords, also attached the sword hilts to the body plus the shield. biggest issue so far with teh exia was its left arm, the clear plastic falls easy so i decided to keep the shield up in the meantime, gonna try some white plastic glue to keep it in place but i can hide it wth the shield easily lol.

Tomorrow i start dem legs

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